Everything You Want

I have longed to have someone special Someone who is exceptional When time comes you’ll come on my way I wish you will never leave and go away Simplicity yet everything is what I wanted To sa…

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Everything You Want


I have longed to have someone special

Someone who is exceptional

When time comes you’ll come on my way

I wish you will never leave and go away


Simplicity yet everything is what I wanted

To satisfy not only your or my need

I hope this will last longer

Just like what others’ wish as “forever”


My mind speaks your name everyday

As if it misses you every single of the day

Oh my darling you are my everything

However, I desire you don’t want anything


I’ll be forever yours until the end of time

That’s a promise in my heart and mind

I’m everything you want

So, take care of me like you water a plant!

Life’s Choice


Stop prescribing what’s the best for me

Because living without you is time-free

Go away and find another road

Because being with you is for me a heavy load


Find someone whom you can be comfortable

Because spending time with me is a hassle

I don’t want you to suffer

Because you deserve someone better


Life is a matter of choice

So, be careful how and what to choose

Be ready to face those challenges

Because once click cannot be undone with consequences!


One of the beautiful islands in the Philippines can be found in Camotes. This lady proudly represents this island. For more details, kindly give your comments and ask questions. Thank you. 1150208_1262196787130965_4819219876795045655_n.jpg

Lip Allergy

Have you ever experienced itchiness, painfulness, and chapped lips? Well, I am going to introduce this cream which is relieving.

There are some pictures that are shown as a sample of itchy lips. In the image below, my lips suffered from allergy whenever I eat foods include squash, or even dried fish as what often called in Cebu, Philippines as “buwad.” When I was younger, I did not have any allergy. To my disappointment, I began to have it just 4 years ago. It all started when I lost my appetite way back year 2013, when I worked so hard. Can you imagine working two jobs everyday (7:30 am – 9:30 pm). My immune system was deteriorating  at that time.  Until I become so  sensitive when it comes to the food I eat. Not only that, but also to skin  sensitivity. To make the story short, try to see this image.12805825_1248540595163251_3860697407083776291_n.jpg

In that picture, it looks like I am wearing lipstick but only on the edge portion. I have eaten  a dish of vegetable soup named “OTAN” and it has squash.

Good thing  a friend of mine introduced this ELICA cream. This cream is so effective. It is a bit pricy for it only contains 5 grams.   You can buy this over-the-counter.12814378_1248540565163254_4482127279417436224_n.jpg

Just apply directly on to the affected skin once a day. Wait for it to dry and it will just automatically heal after a few minutes.


If you are working, and you suddenly feel itchiness around your lips or any part of your skin, just clean the skin, then apply a small amount. DO NOT wear any lipstick or it will harm you!

In my case, when I feel an uncomfortable sensation on my lips or around it, I usually apply this cream before bedtime.

But of course, consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

Feel free to give comments. Remember, it is worth to take good care of our skin. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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A Story Behind Rejection!

It’s amazing to accept the fact!


Once upon a summertime, there was a girl named Shane who was head over heels in love with a boy named Kent. Kent rejected her feelings for he thought Shane was not good enough for him. Besides, they were so young with lighthearted lives. At that time, she kept in mind that she needed to save up for the future. She studied hard, earned a degree, passed with flying colors, and got the best job in town. She even changed her appearance only for him. She tried to look for him everywhere , but she could not find where was he.

Years has been tough to Shane’s life. All these years, she has been thinking of Kent. She is now living in luxury where she gets what she wants. Everything is so perfect yet something is missing, and that is “love.”

She looks at herself in the mirror to…

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